• Texas Dental Insurance


    This is one of the best dental plans available in Texas with over 340 covered dental procedures for one low monthly premium.

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$5 Co-Pays

Free Fillings

Free X-Rays

No Deductibles

Free Cleanings

No Annual Caps

Contact Info

Phone: 866-312-9684

Fax: 813-200-9654


Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Texas Dental Plan Highlights

  • $5.00 Co-Pay Office visits
  • $5.00 Co-Pay Extractions
  • $110 Deep Cleaning per Quad
  • $245 Crown + Lab Fee
  • $250 Veneers + Lab Fee
  • No Yearly Dollar Cap
  • No Waiting Period for Services
  • No Deductibles
  • No Age Limit
  • Premium will not increase with Age
  • Pre-existing Conditions are covered
  • $39.95 Single
  • $57.95 One + Dependent
  • $79.95 Family

This is a "Real" Texas Dental HMO Plan

This is one the the Best Dental plans available in the states of California, Florida and Texas. This is not a discount plan. It is a True Dental HMO Plan.

Texas Dental Insurance

Real Dental Insurance is providing this Dental HMO Plan in the states of California, Florida and Texas. This Dental HMO plan was set up through a non-profit organization with a goal of providing benefits for its group members that could not be obtained on an individual basis. The three primary benefits are:

Dental Plan - A Top-Rated Dental HMO plan by SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc. (A MetLife Company)

Discount Drug Card - This discount drug card allows members to enjoy excellent prices on prescription drugs. It provides a website showing the cost of each drug and local pharmacies in both your area and nationwide.

Vision Benefits - Administered by New Benefits, who has contracted with over 12,000 eye care locations nationwide to give you 20% to 60% discounts on eyeglasses, 10% to 20% off contact lenses (excluding disposables), and other items offered at retail.

Texas Dental Plans Consumer Information

This Texas Dental HMO plan has over 340 covered procedures with no annual caps, waiting periods or age restrictions. Pre-existing conditions are covered. Members must choose from a list of participating providers. A Dental HMO is structured to give outstanding coverage and value to its members.

A Dental PPO Plan typically has only 100 - 150 covered procedures and an annual cap of $1000 to $1500. They have age restrictions along with a waiting period of anywhere from 6 months to 1 year for services. It is typically a 1 year contract.

A Dental Discount Plan is not insurance at all and gives clients "supposed" discounts.An example of this would be if that a particular dental procedure is normally $100 and you go to the dentist and the dentist says that procedure is $200 but will give you 50% off. You are still paying $100.There is very little actual savings with these plans if anything at all