Frequently Asked Dental Insurance Questions

Frequently Asked Dental Insurance Questions

1) Question; What is the difference between a dental discount plan and a dental HMO?

Answer; Dental discount plans vary greatly in "supposed" savings. A Dental HMO has a predetermined co-pay for every procedure that you will know in advance

2) Question; How much money will I save by being a member of this plan?

Answer; People who are enrolled in this plan often save up to 65% or more compared to people who have no dental plan at all

3) Question; How is it that individuals can get this group dental coverage?

Answer; NAFMD was incorporated in 2001 as a non-profit organization with the goal of providing benefits for it's group members that could not be obtained on an individual basis

4) Question; Is this insurance similar to what people would receive in a good employer group plan?

Answer; Yes, this is the same plan many state and county employees enjoy

5) Question; When will my dental plan begin?

Answer;It will begin on the 1st of the next month following your enrollment

6) Question; Are pre-existing conditions covered?

Answer; Yes

7) Question; What if I need a specialist?

Answer; Specialty care dentists are available through a referral process outlined in your Schedule of Benefits

8) Question; Can I use my current dentist?

Answer; You must use a dentist within the Provider network although they are happy to contact your dentist to give them information on joining the provider network

9) Question; We are not married. Can my significant other go on this plan with me?

Answer; Yes, as long as you are both living at the same address

10) Question; Is there an age limit as to how old dependent children can be to be included on the family plan?

Answer; Dependent children may be included in the family plan to age 25

11) Question; What if I have an emergency outside the state?

Answer; The only coverage for out of state Emergency is a reinburseable $50 for pain medication until the person can travel back to the state in which they originally enrolled.They will then find them a dentist in that state to see.

12) Question; Can I be billed every month?

Answer; NAFMD will only accept EFT payments set up thru your bank (checking,savings,debit) or credit card on a recurring basis

13) Question; Will I receive a card?

Answer; You will receive a Dental Benefits card along with a member packet in 2- 3 weeks. There will be a providers book along with a summary of benefits and co-pays.

14) Question; Can I change dentists if I want to?

Answer; Yes you can. It would become effective the 1st of the following month

15) Question; How much does the plan cost?

Answer; $39.95 Single - $57.95 One + Dependent - $79.95 Family - $55.00 Enrollment fee (One time only)